Facts proving the value of Gold


Gold is one of the most popular and valuable metals in the world and it exists  for thousands of years.  Its unique status among other metals is due to its beauty, rarity and physical properties. 

Gold is a rare metal.  More steel is cast in one hour than gold has been cast in the entire history of mankind.  It is believed that 80% of the total reserves of the precious metal are still in the bowels of the Earth.  The weight of one of the largest gold nuggets was 72 kg, its dimensions were 31 × 63.5 cm. It is noteworthy that the gold “stone” was located at a depth of five centimeters from the surface of the earth.  The medals for the champions of the Olympic Games were cast entirely from gold.  In modern medals, only the “outer shell” is covered with gold.  This takes 6 grams of the precious metal.  Gold does not lend itself to chemical attack.  It can be dissolved only in a special mixture of concentrated acids, hydrochloric and nitric – “aqua regia”.  The noble metal also dissolves in alkaline solutions of potassium or sodium cyanide.  The chemical element “AU” from the Latin Aurum means “shining light”.  Initially, the US Mint issued solid gold coins in denominations of $ 2.50, $ 10 and $ 15. They stopped minting precious coins in 1933, with the advent of the Great Depression.  The smallest particles of gold are on all people who work with this metal or simply store it.  If you burn the fabric that is used in places where gold is stored, then in the ash you can find a small piece of precious metal.  Pure gold does not cause skin irritation or allergies.  Gold is a metal that does not rust or tarnish.  It does not form an oxide film on contact with other substances, such as water, air, hand cream, and so on, which the jewelry may collide with when worn.  Gold jewelry is truly eternal, about 98% of all wedding rings in the world are made of gold.  Gold is a profitable and promising way to invest.  It has existed for 1000 years.

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