Forecast for 2022


In a recent interview, Tim Hayes, chief investment strategist at Ned Davis Research, noted that gold has a solid starting position for the coming 2022 and could hit new all-time highs.  Gold is one of the few ways to protect your wealth from rising inflation.  Central banks of many countries create a “national security cushion” by actively replenishing gold and foreign exchange reserves.  Investment funds and ordinary people who want to guarantee themselves a sustainable future are following their example.  According to financial expert David Forest, we are in the most volatile financial environment in many years and the current conditions are the most favorable for buying gold.  According to him, the forecast of $ 2,400 is still valid.  He believes that in the coming year gold will reach this level.

 For centuries, the yellow metal has been considered the best savings asset.  It may not bring you quick income, but it will protect your purchasing power over time.

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