Golden target


Why do we need such an investment asset as gold? Each of us has our own goals: a secure old age, the opportunity to leave an inheritance to children, to save savings from inflation or devaluation.

The incredible value of gold is based on the physical and chemical properties of the metal, the difficulty of mining, scarcity, and many other factors.

Thousands of years ago you could get clothes and sandals for 1 ounce of gold in ancient Rome. Today, for the same ounce, you can buy a quality suit and shoes. This is the power of gold! Therefore, all rich families of the world own it – this is how they maintain their wealth. There is no asset that makes it better!

Many skeptics argue that wealth preservation only matters at certain points in history: periods of economic crises, wars, currency depreciations, and financial panics. However, it is difficult to predict exactly when the next crisis will occur, so we recommend that you always have at least 10% gold in your investment portfolio.

IWI GS will provide you with a comprehensive and methodical approach to developing personal financial strategies, no matter what your goal is.

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