Facts about gold


Gold is the most famous metal in the world, representing success and material wealth for thousands of years. It is valued everywhere, in any country, from Africa to Northern Europe.

Modern world gold reserves are estimated at about 32,000 tons. If a cube is smelted from all this metal, its side will be only 12 meters.

The reason why gold is so widely used in the jewelry, electronics and medical industries lies in its properties. This precious metal is almost impossible to destroy: it does not oxidize, does not mold, does not rust, and can be worked over an unlimited number of times. This means that your gold ring could be an adornment of someone who lived in another century.

The largest gold nugget in the world, measuring 25×63 cm and weighing about 70 kg, was found in Australia in 1872. He was called “The Long-Awaited Wanderer”.

Gold is one of the foundations of the modern world economy. It is the most popular and reliable investment precious metal. It is rare enough to always have a high price. In the world, more steel is cast in one hour than the amount of gold mined in the entire history of mankind.

In today’s environment, more and more investors are seeking to add physical precious metals to their portfolio as it is the most secure and confidential way to protect their wealth without exposing themselves to the risks connected with the banking or currency systems.

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