What to look for when buying gold


Gold is undoubtedly  the leader among all precious metals.  However, it varies.  In addition to physical gold (investment coins and bars), there is also such an asset as “paper gold.” In this case, we are talking about derivatives, securities whose value is connected with  the pricing of real gold.  This includes funds, certificates, options, futures, etc.

      If your goal is to maintain your savings for the long term, then bars or coins, which are also a highly liquid asset, would be an ideal option.  In case of a crisis, physical gold can easily become money.

      What to look for when buying gold?

      Investment gold must have a purity of at least 995. When recalculated per 1 gram, it is most profitable to buy bars, since you pay only for the gold from which they are made. As for  coins, there is a design markup and higher production costs.  However, it is more convenient to use them as a means of payment if the need arises.

      IWI GS recommends holding different types of gold assets in your investment portfolio, which will allow you to make quick financial decisions and avoid additional risks.

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