How to create a personal gold reserve. Basic principles.


Gold invariably continues to guarantee the stability and safety of the funds invested in it.  There are 2 ways for an investor to secure themselves and create their own gold reserve.

      Firstly, it is the purchase of bullion and investment coins – the best option for most people who invest for the long term, since there are no difficulties with their storage, the cost of these assets is relatively low, and market risks are extremely low.

      All this makes the purchase of gold coins or bars as profitable as possible, including for novice investors.

      The second investment option is investing in “paper” precious metal.  For example, opening an IMA (impersonal metal account), purchasing securities of funds (ETF), futures or investing in shares of gold mining companies.  The advantage is regular dividend payments.  According to experts, such investment instruments successfully serve as a means of exchange speculation, but are not recommended for long-term investments.

      The IWI GS company, applying an exclusively individual approach to its clients, will help you competently build  a personal gold reserve, with the maximum benefit for you.

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