The art of spending money


The art of spending money is even more important than the ability to earn it.  If you cannot properly manage the money you have, no matter how much you earn, it will not be enough to cover the costs.

      First of all, the art of spending money is a matter of proper prioritization, and only then – the ability to profitably make purchases.  A person who masters this art has 3 main features:

 • His expenses never exceed his income.

 • He has a financial cushion for force majeure cases.

 • Free funds are invested in different assets.

      After all, one of the most important rules of money is to create assets that will be your source of constant passive income.

      To be successful, investments must always be aligned with your goals and principles.  First you need to decide what term is optimal for you – three, five or 10 years.  Determine how much or what percentage of your income you could invest, how long and how often you want to receive payments.  Once you’ve decided on your goals, you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate tools for the best possible result.

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