Seven tips on the path to Financial Security


Some people are convinced that Financial Security is when a person has a lot of money.  This is not entirely true, although the second part may be a consequence of the first one.  In fact, Financial Security is when, even with a negative scenario of the development of events (loss of work, illness, force majeure situation), you can maintain your usual standard of living for a long time.  What is needed for this?

 • Make a personal financial plan.  This is important to streamline goals, optimize costs and distribute income.

 • Try to avoid debt and loans.

 • Create your own financial airbag.

 • Invest in your development.  New knowledge will certainly open the way to limitless possibilities for you.

 • Invest!  Don’t keep your savings at home.  For example, your investment in gold will work and pay off only after a few years, but this is the point  of safe financial transactions –  increase your capital by investing, eliminating possible risks.

 • Don’t waste your accumulated capital!  Money should work, and capital should multiply.

 • Your investment portfolio should be diverse.  For example, it can contain both physical gold (investment coins or bars) and “paper” gold (stocks, funds, futures).

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