What’s the power of gold?


     Gold is considered to be the oldest form of money.  For example, the British pound is 1200 years old, while gold is over 3000 years old. Unlike paper money or other assets, gold retains its value for centuries.  Since ancient times, people have been accumulating gold metal in order to pass it on to future generations and were not afraid that its value would fall.

      Gold is unique!  Unlike any other element on earth, almost all of the gold ever mined still exists!

      Gold is an excellent inflation barrier because it appreciates when the cost of living rises.  In the past, there were many examples when, during the rise in prices in the economy, gold was ahead of this growth and saved the owners from the depreciation of money.

      Gold was, is and will continue to be the most reliable financial instrument.  It has proven time and time again that “it can be trusted”, unlike governments, banks, financial institutions, etc.

      IWI GS is your reliable partner and assistant in the world of “gold” investments.

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