Airbag in times of crisis.


The current situation has shown how unstable our world is.  And while there have been crises before and financiers have an idea of ​​how the situation may unfold further, what is happening now has no analogues in the past.

      At the same time, many people have already faced financial difficulties, and the issue of savings has become especially acute.

      The formation of a reserve is the initial step towards financial development.  And this process is best combined with investment activities.

      It is important to remember that the airbag must be liquid, that is, there must be quick access to this money.  It is necessary to choose a storage instrument that can be quickly and without loss exchanged for cash.

       However, one should not forget about the main rules when compiling an investment portfolio: include both standard low-risk assets, such as physical gold, and new perspective   assets, such as digital gold, cryptocurrency.  Despite the volatility of its exchange rate, it will help protect your savings from risks such as tightening controls on cross-border capital movements.

      Gold has always been a defensive asset in times of financial turmoil.  People were looking for a safe haven where they could ride out the financial storm.  Since then, little has changed.

      IWI GS – We will help you form a reliable financial airbag  and protect your savings!!!

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