Golden women


When we hear the word “investor” or “financier”, we most often imagine a man.  And the truth is: there are not so many women in the financial sector.  However, over the past two years, their number has almost doubled.

      Studies show that women tend to be more conservative in the market, and at the same time they are the ones who invest more successfully!

      The return on their portfolios is on average 4-6% higher than that of their male colleagues.

      According to experts, certain character traits help women achieve success.  First, responsibility, or rather discipline.  Before making an investment decision, women tend to be more informed.  They turn to professional consultants more often than men.

      A female investor is less likely to invest in risky but “perspective ” assets.  She is less risk tolerant, which helps to avoid hasty decisions, for example, not to withdraw assets when they start to decline.

      All this leads to the fact that women receive higher returns than men.

      The yellow metal has always been, is and will remain our lifeline.  No matter what “gold” investment instruments we choose, nowadays  there is no other asset that could save your capital!

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