Gold today


The well-known  rule of the financial market is that when the world economy is in trouble, the price of gold usually shoots up.

      So it happened  in the midst of the global crisis in 2011 and it happened  in 2020, when, against the backdrop of the pandemic, the price of gold reached a new all-time high.

      We have the same situation now.  The price of gold rose 4.5% last week.  At the same time, new record levels were achieved several times.

      These events once again show us that gold is a clear indicator of the crisis.  No currency can compete with the yellow metal, as it is more volatile.

      Under such conditions, only such a tangible asset as gold is considered highly liquid and belongs to the category of international currencies.  It takes a day to turn the precious metal into money.  And this applies to anywhere in the world.

      Gold is the world’s currency!  Real  tangible metal, which at any time easily turns into a decent profit!


IWI GS – Gold is the highest form of wealth insurance in times of all possible crises!!!

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