Gold VS Token. Advantage


24/7 trading, instant payments, and the ability to be splitted are just some of the benefits offered when recreating assets as cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

      Their value is tied to the gold rate.  If the token is not in demand, then the price for it will still be equal to the rate of the precious metal.

      Tokens eliminate the hassle of transportation and storage associated with physical gold.

      But on the other hand, no other asset has such a stable position as the yellow metal.  Many investors consider gold to be the safest investment.  After all, its value is backed up by history.

      Gold has been revered by people since ancient times and served as an attribute of power and wealth.  And even having ceased to be official money, the yellow metal remains an important element of the financial system.  As before, it serves as an ideal tool for saving and increasing savings and an indispensable insurance in a crisis.

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