Mistakes when buy gold


Gold is the most famous defensive asset that holds its value anywhere in the world.

      However, when buying it, it is important to avoid a few common mistakes.

      The  first one is the lack of purpose when investing in gold.  An investor must set a specific goal for himself, and only then select suitable instruments that differ in both risk and return.

       The second one is investments for the short term. People often expect quick results from investing in gold.  However, the most successful investments are long-term ones!

      The third one is the purchase of the cheapest product.  Some people believe that all gold is the same, but this is absolutely not true.  Yellow metal is sold in different forms and with different fineness, and in this case there is a risk of acquiring poor quality metal.

      Fourth, for example, buying coins is a convenient way to invest in gold.  However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that there are coins that are collectible, but are not a good way to invest your money.  The price of these coins can change significantly, and it is usually not tied to the gold rate.

      And the most important thing is to  buy gold only from reliable dealers and brokers!  Choose those who have a wide range and many years of experience.  Their business mission is to buy and sell gold at fair prices.  They will not try to push you into unreasonable investments.

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