Gold VS Sanction


Gold is one of the few assets that has not lost demand over the centuries. 

The types of investments in this metal are changing, its significance in the financial markets is changing, its role in the mechanisms of functioning of global financial institutions is changing.  One thing remains unchanged – in any incomprehensible situation, gold is bought and will be bought by everyone, from central banks to investors.

      Since gold is traded on world markets in US dollars, in this case,  buying the metal is an investment in foreign currency.  That is, you thereby protect your savings from depreciation.  Although the US currency is more volatile, it is subject to various kinds of risks.  Because of this, it certainly cannot compete with gold.

      Shares, as well as any derivatives, are financial instruments, which means they also bear all geopolitical risks.

      In such situations, investing in gold, the volume of which is limited, against the backdrop of sanctions, is the most correct strategy – you can choose both physical and virtual metal.

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