The golden power of the right goal


Before buying an asset like gold, you need to decide on the purpose of your investment: do you want to earn quickly or save your capital?  Your investment strategy depends on it.

      To get the desired result, it is important to articulate clearly  what you want to get, for what and in what time frame.  The more detailed the goal is, the more likely it is to achieve it.

      If you plan to keep gold for the long term to protect your savings  from depreciation, the yellow metal in physical or virtual form is your best bet.  It includes coins and bullion.

      Perhaps your goal is to earn income by trading the precious metal.  In this case, the most suitable option would be various forms of “paper” gold, such as: futures contracts, gold ETFs, derivatives backed by gold.

      Gold is a scarce asset.  Stocks are finite.  This alone gives grounds for its value.  It cannot depreciate, therefore, by investing in this precious metal, you will be able to secure your savings as much as possible.

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