How to get started right now. The long-awaited takeoff to the goal.


Many of us set goals, make plans, but do not understand how to start acting right now.  Because of fear and uncertainty, a person constantly comes up with any reasons and excuses for himself in order not to act, but to continue making plans all his life, without starting to implement them in life.

      First of all, set clear goals.  A person without a goal cannot achieve anything, so it is important to first decide what you would like (for example, to accumulate enough funds for a future pension or provide financial stability for your family).

      Don’t wait for “that” moment.  Act today, now!!!

      Remember that time is an irreplaceable resource!  If you do not take the first step, then everything will remain in place.

      Try to break down your goals into many small steps.  So your task will not seem like something impossible.

      Even if you lack something to start active actions at the moment (money or knowledge), identify all the factors on which the final result depends, make a list of resources needed to achieve the goal.  And act!


Do not forget that even the minimum amount of gold is already your contribution to a successful and stable future!

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