Gold coin will help you effectively solve financial tasks


Keeping your savings in gold is a stability that does not depend on the market or the political course of the country.

      Investments in physical metal can guarantee a reduction in the risks of capital loss.  The modern international market is far from stable, and investments in any other asset may turn out to be unprofitable.

      Buying gold investment coins will help insure yourself against an unforeseen situation.  In fact, a coin is the same as a bar, only with a cylindrical shape and a minimum weight.  The gold coin does not need additional certificates. The information about the confirmation of belonging to the country of origin, period and characteristics  is  on the reverse or obverse.

      It is most profitable to buy gold investment coins without numismatic value, which are traded at a very small markup to the price of gold and can easily be sold back with minimal losses, for example, the Philharmoniker, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Krugerrand, the Panda, the American Eagle and the Buffalo.

      Investment coins are convenient for their quick liquidity.  It is more profitable to buy bars, but the need to sell the entire bar  if necessary to sell a small part of it is one of the disadvantages of such an investment.

      Coins are ideal in a situation where money is urgently needed.  Even if a massive devaluation occurs, it will be possible to use coins to buy and sell goods;  this has already happened in some countries.


IWI GS offers its clients a wide range of investment programs, from classic to the most innovative ways to buy a gold asset.

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