Digitization of gold deposits


At all times, gold has been the hardest and most liquid currency.  In times of crisis, it is the most desirable means for preserving financial assets.

      And digitized gold is one of the smartest, most efficient and logical ways for investors to own the yellow metal.

      At its core, it is a means of ownership that allows you to purchase physical gold stored in a specific location digitally.

     So while investors retain ownership of their investment, they are not responsible for the storage, security, insurance, or transportation of that gold.

      In addition, for those who want to own less than a traditional ounce, gold tokens, cryptocurrencies backed by physical gold, are also an ideal option for owning a fractional amount of the precious metal.

      Using digitized gold, investors can digitally settle trades 24/7 without relying on market time limits – for the first time in the precious metals industry!

      The combination of new technology and one of the oldest currencies in the world has all the necessary characteristics to become the smartest way to own gold.

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