Why should everyone have gold?


Since it was first used as a currency millennia ago, gold has been the smartest inclusion in any investment portfolio.

      There are many reasons why everyone should have this precious metal:

      Gold is the perfect investment.  It successfully protects the capital of those who own it and acts as a universal currency that has no analogues.

      Gold is a proven value, despite the fact that its price may fluctuate.

      This is real money!!!

      Gold is a proven safe-haven asset in any time of economic or geopolitical uncertainty.

      The demand for it is constantly growing.

      The supply of gold is limited.  In addition, as mining costs are steadily increasing, the price of the metal will also only rise.

      Gold is a highly liquid asset!

      Buying this precious metal now is the smartest decision you can make.

      This is an important form of your financial and investment insurance!

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