Blockhain Life 2022, Moscow


Our delegation of company IWI GS were participants in one of the largest international forums on cryptocurrency blockchain and mining in the world.
The forum, 8 times included in the history of the development of the crypto industry Blockhain Life 2022.
– more than 5,000 participants
– 82 stands
– 65 speakers
– 8 thematic sections
Now each of us has quite a lot of ways to make money from this progressive industry, which is increasingly attracting the attention of people all over the world.
One of the speakers highlighted the topic of doing business and opening an office in Dubai as a reliable tool.
And in this case I want to draw your attention. that our company IWI GS is opening its office in the DMCC international zone.
And I want to remind you once again that the promo has already begun, and by participating in it everyone has the opportunity to receive a trip to Dubai as a gift for the opening of the IWI GS office.

I wish you all a successful and productive cooperation in our common business.

Director of Company Development in Russia.

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