The gold standard is back


The decline in stability both in the world economy and in the financial well-being of states as a whole will undoubtedly continue.

      Such an economic situation will begin to lead to the fact that countries will be forced to issue their banknotes.  As a result, it is assumed that the price of gold may increase to values ​​that have never been reached before, even taking into account the annual increase in inflation.

      According to leading financial experts, this situation could lead to a new “gold standard”.

      The return of gold to the sphere of full use as a payment instrument becomes vital against the backdrop of the risks associated with the use of reserve currencies as a tool of foreign policy.

       Payment for international agreements are also expected to be carried out through a cryptocurrency backed by gold.

      This direction is the most perspective  and is constantly developing, since crypto gold is characterized by low costs, ease of access into the market, high liquidity and security.

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