Philipp Plein sneakers are made from gold … and are also pegged to NTF


An active supporter of innovations, world-renowned designer Philipp Plein, in partnership with outstanding 3D-artists Antoni Tudisko and auction house Portion created the first fashion line for the Metaverse.

       Shortly after the acquisition of land in virtual reality for $ 1.4 million., Philipp Plein announced the launch of the brand  Plein Sport in Decentraland.  At the auction the range from 10 sneaker styles were shown with an NFT analogue.

      A physical pair of shoes is delivered to the buyer in a shoe box containing a digital display with additional video content.

      Philipp Plein believes that The  Metaverse is “the future of e-commerce, Internet, and is able to improve sales.”

      His company was the first from major fashion leaders who began to accept payment in cryptocurrency both in their physical stores and on-line platforms.

 IWI GS – NFT successfully unites the physical and the digital world, inextricably linking innovative technology with tangible objects and assets.

   Metaverse – this is not the future, but a reality !!!

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