Digitization of commodities


The central role in the global economy is undoubtedly played by the commodity market.

     Raw materials such as gold, oil, energy, coffee beans, sugar, etc. are actively traded on exchanges, which are then transported around the world.

      Part of the financial network that makes trading possible on such a scale is a trading platform, including a blockchain platform.

      It allows you to expand opportunities for market access, increase efficiency and liquidity, track price changes in real time, as well as provide an additional level of security.

     Tokenization of goods helps to achieve a high level of their divisibility and turnover, which is comparable to cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the token gets the value of the real product.

     For example, it is much more difficult to interact with physical gold than with bitcoin. A gold ingot cannot be easily divided into parts. However, if the same ingot is tokenized, you can easily sell and transfer any part of it.

     Thus, blockchain technologies unite the industrial and financial world into a new ecosystem of the digital market!

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