The conference, Pyatigorsk


Wherever IWI GS customers gather, there is always celebration, fun and an indescribable atmosphere of success. 

Every meeting of our community makes an indelible impression, giving a charge of cheerfulness for months and even years. 

On May 12 , 2022 , our business partners gathered in the city of Pyatigorsk . The conference was organized by YURI TERENTYEV, Development Director of IWI GS. 

During the event, comprehensive information was provided about the current situation in the company, plans and prospects for development. 

A lottery was held for knowledge of the company’s products and history, and, of course, an award ceremony was held for our active partners for their productive work! 
One of the guests received a 1gr. gold bar as a motivation for our clients to work successfully, cooperate together and get high profits!

Being a “new professional” means quickly adapting to the third decade of the 21st century and skillfully applying advanced technologies of the digital age. 
To keep up with the times, you need to constantly study and be open to new knowledge. 

Do you want to create a strong team motivated for success? 

Participate in IWI GS conferences and success will not keep you waiting! 

We are sure that we will be able to charge you with positive energy, knowledge and good mood for a long time!!!

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