Uniqueness of the golden token


Gold-backed tokens are assets that allow us to buy, trade and store physical gold anytime and anywhere.

     They eliminate the transport inconveniences, illiquidity and volatility associated with working with physical gold.

     Such a cryptocurrency can not only be easily converted into physical metal, but also exchanged for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.    

     Gold tokens open access to gold futures markets. They are based on blockchain technology.

     The value of these derivatives is determined by the price equivalent of the precious metal. The gold used to support this cryptocurrency is stored in special reserves, storages.

      The main advantage of the gold token is that it is a digital asset and can be divided into small units, it is portable, easily sold to others and available to any level of investors.

     The connection of a derivative asset with a tangible one allows you to prevent excessive price fluctuations, as happens with most cryptocurrencies.


IWI GS Company offers you the opportunity to invest safely in a unique asset!!!

     Free up your time for other things by receiving passive income from our gold tokens!!!

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