The conference, Krasnodar


 Where IWI GS customers gather, there is always a special atmosphere of benevolence, unanimity and sincere joy. Negative thoughts recede, and in their place comes boundless self-confidence. 

On May 14, 2022, the participants of the event, which the company, represented by the Director of Development Yuri Terentyev, the Leader of the company – Andrey Klintsovsky and Liliana Lashko, organized in Krasnodar, were convinced of this. 
The event included a business presentation, training in the subtleties of entrepreneurial skills and a solemn awarding of Gold Bars. 
Successful partners willingly shared their experience and expressed their opinion about our common cause. 

Many thanks to the Leaders for a wonderful event in Krasnodar!!!  
You have proved that the IWI GS community is the standard of cohesion and effective teamwork!!!

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