Fractionalization and gold


Nowadays, people need an affordable and secure asset that can be easily traded.

      Tokenization has provided the world with a new way to use digital technologies effectively and has created a new business model for international trade.

      Digitization of gold helps to convert it into a cryptographic token in the blockchain database. In fact, it is just an innovative and reliable way of owning a physical asset, only with a number of advantages.

     One of them is fractionalization – the ability to buy and sell gold in small parts.

      IWI GS company offers a unique product – gold-backed tokens.

     Our tokens are an ideal option for owning a fractional amount of precious metal, which allows you to trade any percentage of the bullion you own instantly and without any difficulties.

     The new product of our company provides high liquidity to gold, enables more people to gain access to various asset classes and receive a stable income!

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