Advantages of tokenized gold


Gold has repeatedly supported the well-being of people during financial crises, never losing its value.

      This precious metal is not directly linked to any monetary system in the world, but thanks to blockchain technology, gold has returned as a currency and is becoming increasingly popular.

 What are the advantages of tokenized gold?

     Blockchain minimizes all additional costs and solves the actual problems of transportation and storage of physical gold.

     New technologies provide secure recording of all transactions, help automate trading processes, while reliably recording all data. This eliminates the slightest possibility of forgery.

     Digital tokens can be further divided into fractions, thus, everyone can buy a part of the asset they are interested in, even without having a large capital.

      The value of a gold token corresponds to its physical counterpart, which makes such a token more stable than a regular volatile cryptocurrency that is not pegged to gold.

      The blockchain is available 24/7. To make all financial transactions, you only need a smartphone and the Internet!

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