How cryptocurrencies with gold collateral work


The world of the crypto industry is growing and developing rapidly!

      Even state mints, for example, in the UK, issue their own cryptocurrencies based on gold.

      Gold tokens, being in a distributed registry, make it easy to make cross-border transactions.

      Thanks to blockchain technology, you can buy and sell them, store them in your wallet, and integrate tokens with any blockchain applications.

     Gold cryptotokens allow you to purchase digital assets pegged to the precious metal, with reference prices of 1: 1.

     If the price of ordinary digital assets can rise and fall to any level, our cryptocurrency has a built-in stop-loss. Its price simply cannot fall below t take can you he value of gold !!!

     IWI GS provides all holders of gold tokens with access to our platform, which enables you to take all the advantages of the cryptocurrency industry.

      We guarantee your convenience, liquidity and security of all transactions!

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