Franck Muller has released a watch with gold. Gold case and NFT. Metaverse world.


Franck Muller, the founder of the legendary Swiss brand, is called the “master of complication”.

      Many of the creations of the company’s specialists have received recognition and awards from prestigious watch exhibitions, where they were appreciated for the highest level of quality and technical innovations.

     Franck Muller is the creator of the world’s first functional Crypto Bitcoin watch. The dial includes an engraved QR code for accessing the wallet, which the owner of such watches can use to check and replenish the account balance.

      However, Franck Muller does not cease to expand the boundaries of design solutions.

      Thanks to the incredible leap in the development of the Metaverse, the brand has created a one-of-a-kind watch with an NFT analog.

     It was presented at the Metaverse Virtual Fashion Week, which was successfully held in Decentraland from March 24 – 27.

     This unique watch can be purchased using cryptocurrency and worn on your avatar in the Metaverse.

     “The world’s best watches have become even better. “

      The intersection of fashion and technology is actively gaining momentum and erasing  the boundaries between our physical and digital lives!!!

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