Digitization of Porsche cars


Due to the growing popularity of NFT, the car manufacturer Porsche entered decentralized territories and launched its own token trading market.

      NFTs are based on blockchain technology and are associated with a specific asset. This means that non-fungible tokens represent the ownership right for a unique item.

     Porsche sees the future in the Metaverse and $1.1 billion has been allocated to support digital products and services that complement its luxury sports cars.

      Despite the fact that the brand’s iconic cars are collectibles in themselves, Porsche is expanding the options for using its blockchain platform.

     In collaboration with the world-famous car designer Rich B. Caliente, the company produces a unique of its kind art car Porsche 911, digitized by NFT. The buyer receives a physical hand-painted sports car and its digital version.

      In the very near future, the company plans to launch an entire ecosystem of Porsche NFT Universe, combining all digital services, the latest technologies, NFT Drops and much more!

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