Why blockchain is ideal for the gold and diamond industry?


The use of blockchain in the diamond industry has been successfully conducted since 2015, since the foundation of Everledger, a digital diamond accounting system based on a distributed registry.

      Its advantages are obvious – the blockchain allows you to access the history of a particular stone and exclude the possibility of forgery of documents, because every stage of the movement of a precious asset is recorded.

   This provides customers with confidence that the gold or diamonds they are purchasing are legal and ethical.

     The whole world has long realized the advantages of investing in gold, but owning a precious metal through a token is safer, more convenient and more profitable than the traditional way.

     Gold tokens can be divided into small units, they are easy to trade, and you can exchange your tokens for a physical asset at any time. In addition, they allow you to make a profit through dividends.

      Thus, the blockchain helps to increase the demand for precious metals and stones, as well as attract capital of different levels.

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