The world’s 1st Gold to go trading terminal for the sale of gold in Dubai


We have been accustomed to vending machines where we can buy food, drinks and even medicines.

     But Dubai is called the “city of gold” for a reason! So, for the first time in the world, an automatic machine was installed in the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel to issue gold products of the highest standard – Gold to Go.

     You just insert bills or a credit card and make a purchase easily!

     The luxurious machine, covered itself with gold leaf, can give out about 320 items, including 1-ounce bars and 24-carat gold coins.

     Gold to Go is fully controlled by high-security cameras to ensure safety.

     You can make no more than 3 purchases per day, with the obligatory scanning of your identity card, for a transaction in excess of 1000 euros.

     Also, buyers are given the opportunity to exchange or return a gold asset within 10 days after purchase.

     Gold vending machines, using the latest computer technology, automatically update prices every 10 minutes, reflecting market fluctuations in real time.

 Gold to Go is now being placed in many shopping malls and airports so that customers can feel comfortable and independent when investing in the most stable tangible asset in history!

     The combination of gold and high technology today is our successful and confident tomorrow!

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