Tracr – successful diamond tracking


Tracr is the world’s only blockchain platform created to control the production of diamonds and track the chain of their movement from mines to buyers.

     For the diamond industry, the potential applications of this technology are limitless.

     According to the developers, the launch of Tracr will help strengthen consumer confidence in the quality of diamonds, as it allows you to track the origin of each gemstone.

     This platform successfully combines blockchain with the latest security and privacy technologies, while providing speed and scale.

      The immutability of each transaction on the blockchain completely eliminates the possibility of forgery, and a decentralized approach allows you to register up to 1 million diamonds per week.

      Each Tracr participant has its own version of the platform, which means that all data can be shared  only with their permission, and only they choose who to give access to this information.

     The large-scale launch of Tracr will allow all interested parties to be sure that diamonds are natural and conflict-free, which will undoubtedly increase the demand for this luxury investment asset.

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