MasterCard will allow its customers to make NFT purchases directly


In order to buy NFTs (non-fungible  tokens), you need to perform certain actions – open a crypto wallet, buy cryptocurrency, and then pay for the purchase on the  online platform.

     MasterCard international money transfer system has announced the expansion of its functions to enable customers to purchase digital assets directly.

     This will allow every cardholder (and there are about 2.9 billion of them worldwide) to buy NFT with the same ease as clothes or groceries  in  online stores.

     According to the company’s representatives, NFT should be made as accessible to people as possible, because the introduction of new technologies “stimulates innovation, promotes economic growth and expands consumer choice”

     MasterCard saw a huge potential in the development of the crypto industry and the need for a safe and reliable involvement of more people in it.

     The new service will help make crypto assets more accessible and the payment system more flexible, while the company fully guarantees the protection of customer data and the security of the NFTs they purchase.

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