Tag Hauer brand has added NFT support to its watch collection


The well-known Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer announced the release of a new smart model Connected Caliber E4, which allows you to display NFT by connecting a crypto wallet to guarantee their authenticity.

     Smart watches allow you to check and install NFTs belonging to the owner through the blockchain.

     It is also possible to process NFT images: change them in size and place them in three available designs.

     The new feature will be available as a free update via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

     A person’s digital identity is becoming as important as their physical identity.

     The CEO of TAG Heuer, Frederic Arnault, compared the new smartwatch to “a pass to a certain community, like a badge of an educational institution.”

     And although the company does not plan to release its own NFT collection yet, starting this year, buyers will be able to pay for TAG Heuer watches and accessories using cryptocurrency, and the range of supported coins and tokens is quite wide.

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