Crypto assets as a way to save capital


Against the backdrop of sanctions and the unstable economic situation in the world, when the profitability of foreign currency deposits is falling, the question of how to save capital has become acute.

      Is it possible under such circumstances?

      The most optimal approach in the formation of an investment portfolio is considered to be an investment of 15-20% of funds in crypto assets.

      In addition to income from the growth of the cryptocurrency market price, tokens act as a tool for saving savings.

       In particular, this applies to assets such as tokens backed by real physical gold, which has been considered an ideal solution for protecting capital for more than one millennium, since they do not lose their value.

      The latest investment product offered by IWI GS is a unique opportunity to reduce risks and save your savings from inflation.

      The advantages of the GDIT gold token are its stability and high liquidity.  Blockchain technology allows you to trade such assets in seconds at any time and place convenient for you!

      There are no inconveniences associated with logistics and storage!

      High returns and volatility protection!

      Low entry threshold and low transaction fees!

      GDIT token is an indispensable innovative instrument  for any amount of investment!

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