Crypto assets were originally created as an analogue to money and an alternative to banking and financial systems, which are characterized by centralization, when decisions are made by a certain group of stakeholders.

     Decentralization is the basis of any cryptocurrency located on the blockchain.  The operation of the network is supported not by one central authority, but by a huge number of users (nodes) who are simultaneously connected to the network, and all decisions on its operation are made by all nodes at once. To confirm any transaction, it is necessary that at least 51% recognize this transaction as genuine.

     The most important advantage of decentralization is the impossibility of public or private interference in the operation of the network.

     This unique feature gives you confidence that no one will be able to “freeze” your account or deprive you of access to it.

      All information about transactions, participants and wallet numbers cannot be corrected, replaced or deleted.

     This was the reason for the transition of many companies to cryptocurrency today. After all, a decentralized system provides not only anonymous data transfer, but also guarantees the security of both the network as a whole and an individual user.

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