What are Bitcoin whales?


The term “whale” is usually used to refer to an investor who has a large number of bitcoins (over 1000 coins) on his account.

     Since such investors have large amounts to buy coins, their actions allow them to influence the behavior of the exchange rate of both an individual cryptocurrency and the entire market.

     Most often, such “whales” are large corporations with a staff of analysts who are able to monitor market indicators every second.

     That is why, in order to understand the prospects for the fall or growth of the exchange rate, crypto communities closely monitor the “whales” and analyze their behavior.

     Among the largest holders of bitcoin are early investors and miners, investment groups, hedge funds and crypto exchanges.

      The main holder remains its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He has about 1.1 million BTC. Among other “whales”: the Bulgarian government (213.5 thousand VTS), the Winklevoss twins (about 150 thousand VTS), the head and founder of Digital Currency Group B. Silbert (48 thousand VTS), etc.

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