Multiversum: the fourth generation of the blockchain using biometric data


Multiversum is a fourth–generation blockchain.

     The company was able to bring the traditional blockchain to an innovative level, providing a wide range of instruments and integration security.

     The new generation of blockchains allows you to use an absolutely unique security method to protect your digital assets – biometric data – retinal and fingerprint verification. With their help, you can transfer information and money.

     The use of this method eliminates the need for physical documents for identification.

     In centralized Multiversum systems, all biometric data is collected into a single database.

     With a sufficiently low power consumption, Multiversum also provides incredible scalability: up to 64 thousand transactions per second! One transaction takes no more than 0.2 seconds.  Such performance is simply not comparable to other blockchains!

     The solutions offered by the company will be used in finance, manufacturing and healthcare, as well as by individuals.

      It is also planned to release mobile applications for Android and iOS soon, which will allow their consumers to make lightning-fast transactions with various types of currencies.

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