Blockchain globalization: where in the world are crypto cities created


From the very beginning of the era of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency holders have dreamed of globalization and the creation of a single crypto universe, or at least a separate location, such as a city, where you can access the necessary products or services using innovative digital currencies.

     For most people, cryptocurrency is more a means of accumulating wealth than using it. For this reason, there is a  need for a whole developed infrastructure.

      In the USA, as well as in many European and Asian countries, companies, shops, restaurants and hotels that accept cryptocurrency as payment have been successfully operating for several years.

     Crypto ATMs have been installed all over the world for easy and convenient access to digital assets.

     The leaders among the cities where you can feel quite comfortable without fiat money are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London and Vancouver, and this list continues to grow rapidly.

     Blockchain technologies are successfully integrated into our real life.  After all, the advantages of using digital money are undeniable: transparency of transaction data, security and protection of information, incredible payment speed.

     Nowadays, the number of blockchain wallets has already exceeded 75 million.

     It is quite obvious that our world has passed the point of no return and cryptocurrencies have firmly strengthened their positions.

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