Noah Project is convinced: blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not just hype


The Asian company Noah Project has been implementing a number of projects since 2016 aimed at making blockchain technologies more accessible and useful to people.

      Their most ambitious idea is to create a city of the future, where innovative digital technologies will be developed and applied.

      Noah Project has entered into a partnership with a construction company that will build the Philippines’ largest business district, Horizon Manila.  It is planned that Noah City will appear on its territory.

       A complex will be built in the city itself, where the Noah Coin token will be accepted as payment for exclusive access to a number of services, discounts and loyalty programs.

      Representatives of the Noah Project are sure that “blockchain and virtual currencies are not just hype.  These are the innovations that will drive progress, and the world needs a place where technology can prosper.”

      It is assumed that Noah City will become a center for the development of technologies, where blockchain enthusiasts, startups and people who want to be on the wave of progress will come.

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