Volatility is a measure of fluctuations in the price of an asset.

     Investments are considered volatile if their value  fluctuates significantly  over a certain period of time.

     Cryptocurrencies are traditionally considered assets with high volatility. There are several reasons for this: a young market, low liquidity, lack of regulation.

     What are its disadvantages?

     First of all, with a sharp drop in prices, there is a risk of losing investment capital.

     In addition, high volatility complicates the technical analysis of charts and the prediction of the course movement.

     But such volatility is not typical for all types of cryptocurrencies.

     There are digital assets backed up by physical ones.

     For example, the tokens offered by IWI are fully backed by gold metal – the world standard of reliability.

     Gold is extremely stable and its price fluctuates little. It is reliably protected from volatility, as well as GDIT tokens!

     They also have high liquidity, they are profitable and easy to trade, which distinguishes our tokens from other cryptocurrencies.

     GDiT is a guarantee of security and your profit!

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