Cryptocurrency issue types


Globally , the issue of cryptocurrencies is divided into 3 types:

1.Limited one-time.

With such an issue, the cryptocurrency is issued immediately in full.

The main advantage of a cryptocurrency with a one-time issue is that the coins are practically not subject to inflation due to the excess of supply over demand.

2. Limited controlled.

Almost all the most popular digital money is issued on this principle. Limited controlled emission is carried out by mining. New coins are gradually put into circulation, while their total number cannot exceed a pre-set limit (for example, 21 million BTC)

3. Unlimited controlled.

It is clear from the name that there is no limit on the total number of coins here, although there are release regulators.

Investors are most willing to invest in coins with a limited controlled issue. In such cryptocurrencies, the total volume is provided in advance and several regulatory algorithms are prescribed that will not allow uncontrolled withdrawal of money to the market, which means there will be no sudden inflation.

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