“Congress Prosperity”, Moscow


On September 20, 2022, one of the brightest events in the crypto industry took place in Moscow – “Congress Prosperity”, where IWI GS was presented by the executive director of Mavinga Printemps. 

He was invited as an expert in the field of gold mining and cryptocurrency assets.

Mavinga Printemps spoke in detail about the development of a new direction – digitization of deposits and about the advantages of our GDIT token. “For many years, our company has been involved in the extraction and trading of physical gold, which has historically been considered a safe and stable asset.  Thanks to our GDIT token, you will also be able to invest in this precious metal, but already through cryptocurrency.

How does GDIT compare favorably with other cryptocurrencies?

The fact that it is backed by real gold and diamonds! You can sell it, exchange it for another cryptocurrency or physical asset! This guarantees the protection of your capital in cases of inflation, sanctions or geopolitical instability.

GDIT token is a comfortable and safe way to invest!

See you soon!

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