The relevance of gold today


Against the background of risks in international trade and a difficult geopolitical situation, many states are buying gold for their reserves.

Only in the 3rd quarter of 2022 400 metric tons of gold were purchased!

The gold reserve is of strategic importance, ensuring the stability of the financial system.

For private investors, there is a unique opportunity now to become the owner of the most reliable and stable asset, avoiding the disadvantages of physical metal.

IWI GS Company offers a digital exclusive backed by precious stones and real gold – GDIT token and NFT GD!

Buying such investment instruments is a contribution to a business that brings high income and financial security for you and your family.  They are easy to trade and safe. In addition, they make it possible to profit from price movements for both non-interchangeable tokens and physical assets.

Hybrid GDIT and NFT GD  are a unique tool for saving and increasing capital!

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