Happy New Year!


What did 2022 bring to IWI Global Service?

It was a busy, bright and productive year ❗️

Despite the numerous difficulties and obstacles, the difficult situation in the world, we did not stop.
We developed, studied and shared experiences, traveled and rested. We keep going forward!
Thousands of satisfied customers and partners around the world, new acquaintances and geographical expansion.

🎄GDIT token issued
🎄The limited NFT collection was released
🎄The company’s office was opened in Dubai
🎄Gold and gemstone mining increased by 20%
🎄Partnership agreements have been concluded with representatives of gold mining and refining companies
🎄New partners from India, Qatar, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt
Many large investors have joined us.

To those who are already with IWI Global Service and those who are just about to join us, we wish dizzying success, development and achievement of all your goals in the New Year! 

Develop your business with us!

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