Why tokens backed by gold and not physical metal?


More and more people are choosing investments in crypto assets, preferring tokens backed by gold to physical metal.

Why is this happening? After all, gold has served as a “safe haven” for many centuries and even millennia, an ideal tool for preserving capital.

Progress does not stand still. There is a constant improvement of old and development of new technologies, including in the crypto industry.

This was largely facilitated by the events that have happened to us in recent years: the Covid-19 epidemic, geopolitical and economic instability.

All this has led to the need to create a completely new investment instrument, such as a cryptocurrency backed by a real physical asset.

The development of innovative GDIT and NFT GD tokens has improved the traditional way of investing, making it more reliable, secure, convenient and ideal for international transactions.

Such tokens favorably differ in high transfer speed, the ability to split an asset, as well as the opportunity to receive additional income due to the price increase not only for gold, but also for cryptocurrency.

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