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Crypto tokenization of gold is the process of creating digital tokens that are backed by physical gold and can be traded on the crypto-currency exchange.

These tokens are usually created on a blockchain, which allows you to track ownership and transfer them. They can be used as an alternative to traditional ways of investing in gold, such as buying physical gold or gold securities.

However, keep in mind that digital tokens are not regulated instruments and may come with risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

It should also be noted that some cryptotokens associated with gold may not have a directly related physical value.

The GDIT token of IWI is the first crypto asset that is backed by 100% real gold.

GDIT is a digital token that represents a concern for a certain amount of gold, and provides the right to physical metal, which is declared by the company in the form of a public offer.

In other projects, the value of the token may be related to the price of gold on the market, but it does not have a directly related value.

❗️Therefore, before investing in gold-related cryptocurrencies, you should carefully study the trading conditions of such tokens and the risks associated with them.

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